Referral Criteria

Information on our referral criteria

  • Family/whanau lives in the Canterbury area
  • Family/whanau is willing to participate
  • Mother is pregnant or has an infant – referrals accepted for young mothers 24 years and under from 3 months antenatal to 9 months postnatal and for all other mothers over 24 years from 6 months antenatal to 9 months postnatal
  • Parent faces two or more of the following challenges:
    • Young mother under 18 years of age
    • Mother started late antenatal care
    • Mental health issues; i.e. depression, anxiety etc.
    • Significant difficulties with drugs, alcohol or gambling
    • Family relationships can be problematic and stressful
    • CYF are currently or have previously been involved with the family
    • Baby has needs; i.e. pre-maturity, low birth weight, special needs or health & development issues
    • Parent(s) experienced abuse as a child or young person
    • Partner relationship is difficult at times
    • Difficulties with housing, transport or meeting day-to-day living expenses
    • Family has been in trouble with the Police
    • Parent(s) struggled at school and left early
    • Moved at least twice in the last 12 months
    • Minimal or inadequate social skills
    • Limited experience or skills in parenting