Referral Process

Information our our Referral Process

  1. Referrals for assessment can be made:
    • For young mothers 24 years and under from 3 months antenatal to 9 months postnatal
    • For mothers over 24 years from 6 months antenatal to 9 months postnatal
  2. Referral forms can be requested from Early Start.
  3. Referrals must be accompanied by the parent's signed consent form.
  4. On receipt of a referral the client family/whanau will go onto our waiting list and the referrer will be notified of the expected waiting time.
  5. During the waiting time our intake Family Support Worker/Whanau Awhina will:
    • liaise with the referrer; and
    • make contact with the client family/whanau to do an initial home visit, and then stay in telephone contact with them until they are allocated a Family Support Worker/Whanau Awhina.